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The right way to increment/decrement values

barceloneta is the right way to increment/decrement values with a simple gesture on iOS






Barceloneta is now available on CocoaPods. Simply add the following to your project Podfile, and you’ll be good to go.


pod 'barceloneta', '~> 1.1'


Coming soon


You can integrate barceloneta into your project manually.

Source File

Simply add the Library/Barceloneta.swift source file directly into your project.


Enabling the gesture (EASY !)

To enable the gesture, it is required to have :

//Initialise the gesture
barcelonetaView.loops = true
barcelonetaView.minimumValue = 0.0
barcelonetaView.maximumValue = 50.0
let timerSettings = [
    (range: 0..<70, timer: 0.3, increment: 1.0),
    (range: 70..<120, timer: 0.2, increment: 2.0),
    (range: 120..<500, timer: 0.1, increment: 3.0)
barcelonetaView.makeElastic(timerSettings: timerSettings,
                            constraint: myNSLayoutConstraint
                            axis: .vertical,
                            delegate: self)


That’s where the fun begins. Keep in mind that the goal of this library is only to manage the incrementation of values. The display should be managed by you.

Looping of values

Determines if the values will stop on minimumValue/maximumValue.

If looping is enabled, when the maximum value is reached, it will go back to the mimimum value.

And vice-versa.

barcelonetaView.loops = true/false

Minimum/Maximum values

Determines the limits of the increment

barcelonetaView.minimumValue = 0.0
barcelonetaView.maximumValue = 50.0

Dragging limit

This value defines the dragging limit of your barceloneta object. If the user drags the view higher than this limit, a rubber effect will apply. The view will go up/down slower than your finger.

barcelonetaView.draggingLimit = 50.0

Timer Settings

The timerSettings property is an array of objects, defining the timer interval and incremental value for a specific range. It is required to have at least an object in the timer setting.

Depending on the percentage, the matching settings will be applied.

A drag of 100% corresponds to the draggingLimit.

(range:0..<70, timer: 0.3, increment: 1.0)

This setting says that :

Between 0 and 70%, the timer interval for incrementation is 0.3 seconds, and the value incremented is 1.0.

Crash when running the app ?

If you installed barceloneta via CocoaPods and use it with Storyboard/xib, you may need to set the module :


Known issues

Check the (GitHub issues)


Why should I use Barceloneta?

You’re looking for an innovative way to increment/decrement values

Special thanks





Barceloneta is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.